Wineally Launches Revolutionary Wine Pairing App to Help Restaurant Staff and Consumers Find the Best Possible Food and Wine Pairings


“Everyone, everywhere deserves great wine and food experiences” says Founder and CEO Ole Nielsen

May 24 – After years of intensive development, the Wineally system is launched in different versions for restaurants, wine merchants and wine producers as well as an application for consumers. The system enables all parts of the wine business to increase revenue and reduce costs and consumers to achieve better wine and dine times by offering several unique functions.

“It all started when, as a wine merchant, I realized that most consumers are not able to pair wine with their dishes satisfactorily and that most restaurants do not have a dedicated sommelier and educated.” says Ole

Our first question was: How can we help restaurants and consumers achieve better wine and dine experiences? By digging into this question and interviewing consumers, wine merchants and restaurants, we concluded that consumers are willing to spend more if they know that the wine they are buying matches their dishes well. The solution was to develop the most complex wine pairing algorithm to date and create a comprehensive database of wine information. Today, Wineally’s database contains over 700,000 wines, focusing on widely available commercial wines that are actually consumed in the on-trade circuit globally. Based on the wine database and restaurant information, Wineally creates a unique wine-DNA and dish-DNA which is used for the advanced food-wine pairing.

With the restaurant app, service staff can deliver world-class wine pairings on the floor, even after just a few minutes of introduction and training with the app. Wineally also helps the restaurant increase its revenue by facilitating the sale of take-out and take-out wine.

“We know that the last two years have been difficult for the entire hospitality industry and that finding experienced and trained staff is really difficult at the moment. Wineally can help restaurant, hotel or cafe to provide professional wine service even with inexperienced and untrained staff or customer can do it themselves in the app. says Ole

This way we can help the industry maintain revenue and reduce the cost of providing excellent service. We also know that satisfied customers are more likely to return, so improving service is always a great investment. Wineally takes care of tasks that normally require years of training, like pairing multiple dishes and capturing guest preferences without making it difficult to use. Even consumers themselves can use the app if preferred by the restaurant.

About Winely

Wineally is a SaaS company founded in Sweden and owner of the cloud-based business system product Wineally. The Wineally system digitizes information processing across the entire wine trade value chain, from wine producers, wine merchants and restaurant to wine consumer. Wineally increases efficiency, reduces costs and improves quality for all parts of the value chain. Wineally also simplifies purchasing decisions for consumers by providing an app that enhances wine and dining experiences. The team behind Wineally have many years of international experience in all aspects of the wine trade.


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