Windsor restaurant staff labeled heroes for helping knife victim

When Chris Seguin stopped for work last week, he came across a man who was slumped in a nearby yard, calling for help and bleeding from three stab wounds to the head.

“I ran over to the guy… I asked him if he was okay, he said ‘yes I just need water’. [I] ran inside got water. Knew he was messed up, I didn’t know how bad he came back [and] seen how serious it was, [so I] ran inside grabbed a bag of cloth towels that we use in the kitchen ran outside started applying pressure to his head injuries, ”said Seguin who works at Bourbon Tap & Grill on Ottawa Street.

The man was one of many stabbing victims police identified on the afternoon of October 29 at 1325 rue Pierre. The altercation, which took place around 2 p.m., sent several people to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, police said at the time. Essex-Windsor EMS told CBC Windsor that without the help of locals like Seguin, the man may have died.

Head injuries were just the start, Seguin said. The man also had a “very bad” one on his leg. When Seguin ran to the restaurant to get some napkins, he also told the restaurant staff to call 911.

At the same time, Chef Naomi Powell came to help us.

“He had a lot of bleeding coming out of that leg and that really worried me,” said Powell, adding that she had turned to her first aid training; took off his apron and tied it tightly around the man’s leg.

“I just tied him up, I kept him calm because the more he wanted to move, the more blood he would lose,” she said.

Bourbon Tap & Grill chef Naomi Powell took off her apron and tied it tightly around the man’s leg injuries. (Dale Molnar / CBC)

Powell said they were afraid the man would pass out.

“At one point his eyes started rolling back, he had lost a lot of blood, so we made him talk,” Seguin said.

Seguin and Powell stayed by his side until the ambulance arrived.

“I was called a hero, I don’t feel like a hero,” Seguin said. “My 9 year old son told me I was a hero, and by definition I keep telling him – that you can be a hero without superpowers – I guess I am then.” He said he didn’t expect any recognition and that he “did something that everyone should be doing.”

Essex-Windsor EMS chief Bruce Krauter told CBC News that Seguin and Powell’s help likely saved the man’s life.

“If they hadn’t applied direct pressure to the wounds, to the bleeding, he might not have survived the wounds,” Krauter said. “I think they can be commended and commended for their actions in scaling up and providing this care.”

Several police cars were at the scene during the knife incident in the 1300 block of Pierre Street on Thursday afternoon. (Dale Molnar / CBC News)

Krauter said the victim was taken to the trauma center on the Ouellette Campus at Windsor Regional Hospital.

Police are still investigating the stabbing and claiming the victims are not cooperating.

A spokesperson for the Windsor Regional Hospital told CBC News that two of the victims had been treated and released. One of them is still in the hospital in serious condition, but it is not known if this is the victim that Seguin and Powell helped.

On October 29, Bourbon Tap & Grill issued the following statement:

“We would like to thank our wonderful staff for responding with professionalism and courage today. Instead of running over there and taking pictures like most people passing by, you reacted. You called the police and the ambulances, you took off your chef’s apron. and you tied it around the victim’s leg to help save his life. ”

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