Wendy’s British restaurant menu is full of Frostys and Baconators

American chain Wendy’s, an American chain of spicy and frosted chicken nuggets on Twitter, began its long-promised UK push by opening a restaurant in Reading and sticking up a three-foot-tall gold statue of a drink icy outside of it. Reading’s opening has been in the works since 2019, with the brand announcing its weirdly warlike plans for the UK as ‘beachhead for expansion’ in 2018.

Its menu is as you might expect: square burgers; its flagship menu item, the Baconator, and its other flagship menu item, the Frosty (that frozen drink); Spicy chicken nuggets that actually have a bit of heat and aren’t just regular chicken nuggets with a tan spray. The “black and white” Frosty – an off-menu swirl of chocolate and vanilla – captivated Eater NY critic Ryan Sutton enough to call it “truly the quintessential American fast food dessert.. “

As a reminder, this is not a start, the brand having left the United Kingdom for the first time in the early 2000s; he is now known as much for his hyperactive presence on Twitter as for his cuisine; he blamed income equality for stagnant sales in the United States despite his starting salary as low as $ 8 an hour; he has refused to enroll in the Fair Food program this regulates against abuse in the agricultural industry. Wendy’s workers regularly join strikes around the $ 15 struggle, pushing for an increase in the minimum wage. It promises “zero hours” for British employees, but does not detail a starting salary.

Nor is it the only American channel looking across the Atlantic, seeing a real estate market whose bottom has collapsed thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and rubbing its hands in a malicious glee that bothers Mr. Burns. Taco Bell consolidates its forays into the United Kingdom; The Popeyes fried chicken chain cooks up “hundreds of restaurants”. And while the working and farming practices of most fast food restaurants do not stand up to scrutiny, only Chick-fil-A – another American fast food brand – has seen its British attempt fully implode in because of its historical ties to anti-LGBTQ + religious groups. In a market already dominated by huge American players, Wendy’s will have to wait and see if its actual arrival lives up to its expectations. 280 character hypebeast.

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