This restaurant’s menu offers frankly honest descriptions of the dishes | Food and cooking

By Leah Asmelash, CNN

Feigang Fei, owner of Cuisine AuntDai in Montreal, wants to be honest with you.

Orange beef? Not very good, especially compared to the restaurant’s General Tao Chicken. But Fei isn’t a big fan of North American Chinese food anyway, so “it’s your choice.”

What about the sweet and spicy pork strips? Well, Fei has high expectations. It was one of his favorites in China.

“As I have such high expectations for this dish, I’m not a big fan of our version, to be honest,” he bluntly states.

It’s all listed on AuntDai’s online menu, which serves a variety of traditional and non-traditional Chinese dishes, with each item including a few lines of commentary from Fei. When Kim Belair, a writer, posted the twitter menu in the past week, descriptions of Fei quickly exploded, with tens of thousands of people liking his words.

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Primarily, his notes are helpful, indicating which dishes aren’t quite as spicy as they look, which are popular, and which are his favorites.

Under a photo of Tofu Skin Salad, for example, he gives a brief history: “QianZhang translates to thousands of layers. It’s a big sheet of tofu and it’s magical that the Chinese can make so many different foods from soybeans. We cut QianZhang Leaves into fine julienne. This plate is very tasty and healthy and it is widely accepted. I totally recommend this one.

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