This restaurant’s menu is the perfect post-museum treat

Fresh cocktails, delicious desserts and impressive interiors all await you at South Kensington restaurant, MY&SANNÉ.

If you want to travel the world or time travel without needing a plane or a time machine, all you have to do is go to Kensington. You can hide from prehistoric dinosaurs, learn the future of medicine, and see relics from faraway lands in a single afternoon, thanks to the area’s many museums (most of which are free). But where do you go next, when your stomach rumbles from your relentless exploration? And the Mediterranean? Well, a stone’s throw from the museums, you will find MY&SANNE.

Nestled on Brompton Road between high-end boutiques and lounges, MY&SANNÉ is a stylish yet relaxed restaurant serving Mediterranean and Moroccan inspired dishes. Even before entering the restaurant, the decor will impress with the large bay windows in front. An Instagrammer’s dream, the interiors will transport you to both a seaside trattoria and an elegant greenhouse. The ceiling and walls are covered in sprawling vines, faux flowers, and shimmering garlands; it is truly enchanting. See if you can spot the robins…

We must start by telling you about the cocktails. They are ah-ma-zing. Not just for the flavors, but the presentation. If you opt for the My&Sanné signature, you will receive a drink with an impressive bubble of smoke that sits at the top of the glass, as well as pink gin, yuzu and cherry brandy. The blue bird comes with its own nest and blue feathers, served in a glass in the shape of a bird. All the fun isn’t just for the booze, either — the mocktail, smoothie, and juice options read like a fairy tale and a Mediterranean vacation. Beauty and the Beast is a particularly captivating mocktail, presented as the rose of the story.

My&sanne blue bird cocktail and beauty and the beast mocktail
Left: Beauty and the Beast without alcohol. Right: Blue Bird cocktail

The Mediterranean theme is not only present in the decor and drinks of the restaurant, but also in the dishes. The warmer winter menu is plentiful, perfect for refueling after a long day of browsing museums, or nearby Harrods if that’s more your thing. Expect dishes like the burrata salad; chestnut and porcini mushroom risotto; and a delicious steak. Our favorite was the spicy octopus spaghetti, with nduja, taggiascha olives and garlic breadcrumbs; the flavors balance the salt and spice perfectly, it was filling and just plain delicious.

MY&SANNE pasta dishAs for the desserts, well, they stand out on their own. As you enter the restaurant, a gleaming white counter displays row after row of delicious cakes, pies, and meringues, which you will choose for yourself after your main meal. The options change every month or so, and the pastry chef uses a combination of seasonal themes and customer feedback to curate the display. The desserts are unique to MY&SANNÉ; even classic recipes are revisited MY&SANNÉ. We tried a few options, and can wholeheartedly recommend the large, fruit-filled macaroons, soft jelly-like filling and cream (truly, 10/10); and the walnut and honey cake. Pair the latter with a mint tea, and you’ll be transported to Marrakech in moments. If you can’t fit a long, cozy lunch or delicious dinner into your schedule, be sure to grab a sweet treat to go.

Cake and dessert bar MY&SANNEAll in all, MY&SANNÉ is a must visit if you are in the area. The staff are friendly and more than willing to pass on their knowledge of their dishes and desserts, and the atmosphere – complete with a low hum of upbeat music – is sublime.

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