Teacher and restaurant staff remember Laurens teen killed in wreck

AJ McCullars died Sunday night in a single vehicle accident. He was 17 years old.

LAURENS COUNTY, GA – Through an employment program at East Laurens High School, 17-year-old AJ McCullars has become not only a member of the team, but also a member of the Company Supply family.

Chip Fleming is an adaptive learning teacher at East Laurens High School.

He says over the past few months he has had the pleasure of teaching AJ McCullars.

“He was loud, he’s a big wrestling fan, he loves going to the races, he’s just a different kid. He’s AJ, he’s just the type of student he is,” says- he.

He says the school’s employment program created a partnership with the Dublin Company Supply restaurant and McCullars made a good impression with the staff there early on.

“He was working in the dishes room and sub prep. If you would go back there when they’re open, and go to the prep area and prep room, these guys kind of took it over and he fit in perfectly with them, “Fleming says.

Front desk manager Jonathan May agrees.

“From day one, the first day that I worked with him, he just walked in with a smile, making jokes, making everyone laugh. He was a go-getter, he wanted to know more, he had good things to say about it. the initiative. It was great to see, “said Mai.

Fleming says McCullars planned to work at the restaurant full time this summer and that he had just helped the teen complete his resume last week.

“We did it, we applied online, and he was scheduled for an interview this week. Of course, school was over on Friday, and that’s when he was going to start, this week or the next. “, explains Fleming.

Fleming says that to honor McCullars, the students will assemble racing cars that will ultimately be given to McCullars’ family and then buried with him.

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