Some restaurant staff face customers unhappy with proof of vaccination policy

Some restaurants in Prince Edward Island are facing an increase in unhappy customers following the rollout of the provincial Vax Pass this week.

Anyone wishing to dine in a restaurant must now provide proof of vaccination.

Michaels Pizzeria’s general manager in Summerside, Robert Gallant, said his staff faced upset people when they asked to see customers’ proof of vaccination.

Robert Gallant, General Manager of Michaels Pizzeria, says he’s concerned about staff safety. (Tony Davis / CBC)

“It shouldn’t be on us to have to do this. We’re understaffed right now, you know it’s pretty hard trying to find people to work now. And trying to put people in place. to hold the door to make sure someone is there all the time so they don’t walk past us… it’s not going to be fun, ”Gallant said.

The new requirement has not only caused tension between staff and customers. Arguments have arisen between clients with proof of vaccination and those who refuse to show it.

Gallant said an argument Thursday night frightened one of his younger employees. He is concerned for the safety of staff, he said.

“To have this fight in my dining room she was scared, she was literally scared and that’s not fair.”

It was a tough week at other restaurants as well.

Sam’s restaurant in Cornwall has seen a decline in activity since the requirement.

Business is down about 20% this week, owner Fadi Rashed said.

Fadi Rashed, owner of Sam’s in Cornwall, says that every time a new public health measure is introduced they see a drop in business. (Tony Davis / CBC)

“The first few days were very difficult. There has been a huge drop. I felt our demographic was older families and clients, older people. their vaccine passes, ”Rashed said.

Sam’s staff say business is starting to pick up and they expect things to get better.

“It happens every time the government puts in new regulations, you see a big drop. It takes time for us to catch up, people get used to it, and then they start to come back,” Rashed said.

Some restaurants are turning to take-out only.

Michaels Pizzeria said it will hurt their business even more and it’s a last resort

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