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After competitor GrubHub raised a shipment of cash and bought New York-based food delivery network Dotmenu, an online food ordering service Seamless made a major purchase for its expansion today—Menu Pages. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed and Seamless purchases MenuPages from New York Media / New York Magazine (which purchased MenuPages In 2008).

The seamless food ordering and delivery service promotes, markets and connects local restaurants with businesses and consumers across multiple platforms. The company’s restaurant network includes more than 7,500 restaurants in 27 cities around the world, including New York, London, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the company says more than one million people have ordered through the platform to date. Originally founded in 1999, Seamless reports that managed volume growth is expected to exceed $ 400 million this year and, to date, Seamless has processed over $ 1.5 billion in restaurant sales.

Adding MenuPages to the Seamless product makes sense. MenuPages is the most comprehensive online and mobile provider of constantly updated menus, featuring a database of 35,000 menus and over 175,000 user-generated restaurant reviews.

Seamless will expand its reach beyond food ordering to become the resource for food and restaurant content, including menus, ratings, contact details and reviews. It will also give Seamless a database of over 40,000 partner restaurants and menus, and expand Seamless’s content and ordering capabilities to over 50 cities around the world.

MenuPages also offers a proprietary menu transcription and update tool that efficiently updates menus and restaurant information. Together, the brands’ online properties attract 1.5 million unique visitors per month.

Mobile is also a major growth area for properties, says Seamless CEO Jonathan Zabusky. Seamless recorded 400,000 mobile downloads, which represents more than 15% of the daily order volume, up from 1% at the start of 2010. popular offers the mobile apps and Seamless and MenuPages combined total 886,000 mobile downloads.

Zabusky says Seamless aims to be a comprehensive and accurate source of local restaurant content and services, whether it’s ordering food for delivery or browsing a restaurant’s menus and reviews. And he says there’s a huge opportunity for the company to use its data (accumulated over 10 years) to create a more personalized experience for consumers and restaurants.

Seamless recently renamed (and underwent a redesign) of the old name Seamless Web.

We have incorporated the note sent by Zabusky to the Seamless team announcing the acquisition of MenuPages below.

To the Seamless team –

I’m happy to share with you a very exciting and momentous announcement, which solidifies Seamless’s place as a leader in both food delivery and pick-up and restaurant-related content. Today, we announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire MenuPages, the largest and most accurate online database of more than 35,000 menus in major cities, including New York; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Chicago; Boston; Philadelphia Cream; Washington, DC and South Florida. The press release issued this morning is attached for reference.

The success that Seamless has had so far depends on two essential elements: our dedicated and innovative team, and our loyal customers, patrons and restaurant partners who provide valuable feedback that we can use. Over the years, team members and customers have suggested that we combine our resources with those of MenuPages: for the king of food delivery to join forces with the leader in restaurant content. Today we made it happen, and I’m excited for several important reasons:

• Greater mobile reach, using location awareness: Together, Seamless and MenuPages will have nearly one million app downloads. Expanding our reach will allow Seamless to build on the already strong momentum we’ve established with our mobile platforms, making it easier than ever to order food and navigate menus from anywhere, using from your mobile device.
• Increase the breadth and depth of restaurant selection: As you know, one of our main differentiators is the number of market-leading restaurants we make available for online and mobile ordering. Together, Seamless and MenuPages will have the highest quality restaurant and menu content, making Seamless definitely the most trusted source for restaurant and food ordering information. MenuPages has more than 35,000 restaurants in its database, combined with our 7,500 partners. In addition, MenuPages has a proprietary menu transcription and update tool that enables the company to process a significant number of restaurant menus each month and will allow Seamless to grow even faster than before.
• Increased focus on user-generated content: MenuPages is a comprehensive database of over 175,000 ratings and reviews, all provided by its vibrant community of customers, which will enrich the Seamless platform and enable us to be the most trusted and trusted source for all things food and restaurant related.
• Full, Closed Loop Customer Experience: Seamless was already the leader in online and mobile meal delivery and pickup, but we thought even bigger: We wanted to be relevant to all restaurant meals. People use MenuPages not only to find restaurants for delivery or pickup, but also for seated dining experiences, a meal historically out of reach on Seamless. Now, Seamless can further extend its offering and added value to new and existing customers, customers and partner restaurants.
• Greater breadth, greater depth and more cities (and neighborhoods) will allow us to maintain and expand the most comprehensive all-food network that exists to more than 50 cities around the world. The association of two major brands already embedded in the fabric of urban life will create a premium brand: Seamless.

Seamless and MenuPages have been partners for several years, and this acquisition is a natural next step in our relationship. Together, we will provide our clients with an invaluable resource. It is an incredibly exciting time for our company, and I want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication. While you may not see any short-term changes at Seamless, we will immediately welcome Tom Bohan (Director, MenuPages) and his exceptional team of 19 to our family, as employees of Seamless.

A few months ago, when we reached another milestone in the business, I sent all of you a note saying, “Our best days are yet to come. Today, I feel the same optimism and anticipation for Seamless’s continued growth and success.

Best regards,

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