Salt Bae restaurant service charge sparks controversy after bill split online

The master of meat known as Salt Bae is back.

He’s been in the headlines since 2017 with his extravagant salt dusting, outrageous cuts of meat in his original Turkish restaurants and now in many international restaurants, and we all know he slaps meat like no one else.

His social media clips (like the one above) regularly rack up millions of views (this one reaches 5.7 million). He’s been making waves for years with his social media videos and outrageous cooking performances.

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His real name is Nusret Gökçe and his London restaurant is named after him, Nusr-et, in Knightsbridge. The internet sensation has been criticized a lot for overcharging for meat on its menus, and it is clear that it offers wines at very high prices.

But this time, he was criticized not for charging exorbitant sums for steaks covered in gold flakes or for his ostentatious sprinkling of unhealthy amounts of salt, but for the additional charge of service charges to an unimpressed customer. .

If it is not enough that the guest spent £ 32,194 (approx. $ 60,000) on a meal in Nusr-et, as reported The sun in the UK there was a mind-blowing service charge attached – which in theory is fine when charged at 15% of a regular meal. However, Salt Bae meal prices are anything but usual.

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In Australia, there can sometimes be a 10 percent service charge on public holidays and most of us don’t dispute that, while a 15 percent charge goes up and can raise a few eyebrows. But when it comes to 15% of a £ 32,000 bill, it comes down to £ 4,829.10 (roughly $ 8,933), which sounds outrageous, considering the meal itself only costs more. a year’s salary for many people.

The restaurant was also unimpressed by the accusations and shared the bill on social media on Snapchat and reddit, where it quickly gained a lot of attention.

On the bill, it was clear that the restaurant had happily shelled out for premium wines at £ 9,950 ($ 18,000) and £ 9,100 ($ 16,000) per bottle respectively, as well as an order of a tomohawk steak for £ 850 ($ 1,500), while fries alone were priced at £ 30. It’s $ 55.50 for hot fries! Whoa, that must be good fries.

But the biggest shock when reading the bill is certainly the service charge. The guest called the bill a “piss to piss” when he shared it with Snap Chat.

Salt Bae is used to such criticism being leveled at him. Many detractors are speaking out against the high prices of its steaks and claiming that it far exceeds profit margins and would make a pretty dime.

An astonishing bill would have been from Salt Bae’s restaurant (Reddit)

But it seems to us that as long as people are around to see Salt Bae and his antics, drawn to the possibility of seeing his flamboyant flourishes, maybe just expect the 15% service charge that gives you a glimpse of it. of its salty magic. ?

No one has to eat there.

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