Robot waiters fired after spilling drinks and food during restaurant service

The practice of using technologically advanced robots to serve may have run into a problem, as owners report that they are in fact garbage.

Robot servers were supposed to be the latest technological advance to revolutionize the service industry.

But the dining experience of the future might be missing from the service bots after all, because one restaurant fired theirs – because they fell short.

Spilling soup and drinks, and generally not achieving the level of quality that any of us would expect from the staff when we go out to eat, means that the plan of domination of the little workers has bypassed.

Despite huge fanfare over the unveiling of robotic waiters in restaurants, two of the forerunners have closed their doors, according to the Workers’ Daily.

And a third fired all but one of their robots.

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“The robots weren’t able to transport soup or other food stably and they often broke down. The boss decided to never use them again,” said an employee.

The limits of the technology were clear, said another.

They added, “They can’t take orders or pour hot water for customers.”

Long hailed as the future of restaurant dining, some restaurants still use robots successfully, including a location in northeast China’s Shenyang City.

Hiring worker robots costs around £ 5,490, and then running costs include electricity and repairs – cheaper than a human, but obviously less efficient.

Management said people came to see the robots, but they were not a reasonable replacement for humans.

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