Pay it 4ward: Hospital restaurant staff thanked by health workers

“They have taken care of the staff here at the UNM Cancer Center and our patients who have walked through these doors for the past 18 months,” said Anastasia Estocin, Senior Patient Support Therapist. “They know some of the regulars by name, they’ve never failed to protect ourselves by sanitizing credit cards and they always fill us up with delicious breakfast burritos, Frito pies and Greek coffee cookies.

Thus, Anastasia and her colleague, Patient Navigator Carlos Orozco, have teamed up to surprise the incredible team.

“They are fantastic. They take really good care of everyone, not just our patients but also us,” Carlos said. “The fact that they even know us by name is amazing considering that they see so many people all day long and they deserve this nomination.

While the team was preparing the kitchen for the day, KOB 4 was getting ready to give them a surprise.

After rounding up the staff and bursting the confetti, Carlos expressed his gratitude to the team.

“We just wanted to thank you for everything you have done throughout this pandemic, not just for the staff here, but also for all of our patients,” Carlos said. “We come here and we order stuff from you guys. And you are very polite, you know my name, you sanitize every card you receive and you go out of your way to keep the facilities in your area clean and tidy. every time someone comes in. We’re very grateful to you. So we wanted to get it to you – here’s one, two, three, four hundred dollars. “

The gentle gesture left the staff speechless which gave Anastasia a good opportunity to thank them once again.

“We just hope you feel appreciated,” Anastasia said. “I know you see us every day – we see you almost every day – and we just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and add some extra cash to this tip pot.”

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