Newport restaurant staff ‘abusive’ after couple served raw chicken

A Newport WOMAN has accused staff at a Thai restaurant of being verbally abusive towards herself and her partner in what she described as a ‘horrible experience’ after they claimed they were given raw chicken.

Staff at Patt-Thai, located on Cardiff Road near the city centre, reportedly told Lana Vaughan and her partner to ‘eat and die’ when they said the chicken satay they received in their order takeout was raw and asked for a refund.

Ms Vaughan took to social media to share her and her partner’s ordeal, with several other people also saying they suffered similar abuse at the restaurant.

Ms Vaughan says she had spent £35 on takeaway from Patt-Thai. (Photo: Laura Vaughan)

“A few days ago we had a truly horrific Patt-Thai experience in Newport,” Ms Vaughan said on social media.

“They were rude and abusive after trying to get a refund for the issue they sent us completely raw chicken.

“My partner took it back to the store and they told him to eat it and die and laughed saying they had our money and there was nothing we could do.

“We have reported them to Newport City Council, but please absolutely avoid at all costs, so dangerous and without apologies or acknowledgment of the seriousness of serving raw food.

“I don’t know how they think that’s acceptable – we have pocket 35 pounds and we haven’t touched a bit.”

The restaurant is believed to have been operating for about five years in the city.

Argus of South Wales: The Patt-Thai Restaurant on Cardiff Road, Newport.  (Google Maps)The Patt-Thai Restaurant on Cardiff Road, Newport. (Google Maps)

According to its website, Patt-Thai has a five-star hygiene rating and describes itself as “Newport’s best take-out Thai.”

“Patt-Thai, Newport, brings you a delicious variety of appetizers, stir-fries, sides, rice dishes, soups and has them delivered right to your door in no time,” the website says.

the Argus contacted Patt-Thai restaurant for a response.

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