New catering service shows waiters / bartenders the financial reward of hospitality and marketing their own restaurant

( Hotel tips for better tips: be a rich and happy waiter hosts seminars that show servers the unconventional, cost-effective tools they have at their fingertips. Hospitality expert and coach, LeeAnne Homsey has developed money making tools for anyone who relies on tips and gratuities for their income.

Having spent her entire career working with the owners of Tao, Docks, Sarabeth’s, Canastel’s and Marsielle, Leeanne has managed and motivated New York waiters to record high sales, tips and superior hospitality for over twenty-five years.

Its easy-to-use tools show waiters and bartenders the immediate personal benefit they receive by helping customers with coats, obtaining and remembering names, providing insight into restaurant history, wearing restaurant business cards, introducing themselves to neighboring restaurant business owners, taking unique photos of guests’ special occasion lunches / dinners, acting as a concierge when guests inquire about events and activities after lunch / dinner, and much more.

Within a week, the waiters will develop a solid foundation that will not only allow customers to arrive early, but also to ask for them, tip a lot more, and leave a lot happier, wanting to come back sooner and more often!

Servers see how to create great tips, repeat customers who know them by name and experience the VIP status the customer is eager to share with friends and colleagues. Servers also know guests by name, enjoy greater integrity, higher morale, more money, and understand the huge money-making opportunities they have around them at every minute they’re awake. Best of all, these are easy tools that waiters and bartenders can use right away! Tools that allow the customer to feel more personally connected to them, more likely to treat them better, to leave a larger tip and to feel the need to come back more often with more customers.

Call to host your welcome seminar and motivate your staff to serve, help, market and make more money by creating happier customers!

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