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Speaking to Mumsnet to vent, the woman explained that she had gone out to dinner with her friends, and while two of them left tips, the third refused and was quickly tagged “tight”. However, after asking the forum site if she thought it was unreasonable, the woman’s post erupted into a debate over dining etiquette and whether or not tipping is mandatory.

The woman wrote: “Me and three friends went to a small family owned Greek restaurant. The bill was around £80 for the four of us.

“At the end of the meal, friend 1 put £2 on the table and I also put £2. Friend 3 said ‘is that for a tip?’ We said yes …she calls the waiter and hands him the £4 and says thank you They didn’t bother to put a few pounds in each.

“AIBU [Am I being unreasonable] think it’s a little tight?”

The post garnered more than 500 comments, with opinions split between those who tip restaurant staff and those who criticize them, Edinburgh Live reports.

One said, “As long as they’ve paid their share of the YABU bill [You are being unreasonable] Some people don’t tip, maybe she didn’t enjoy her meal or service as much as you two.”

A second added: “No it’s not tight, tipping doesn’t make sense and we need to stop judging people for not tipping a small subset of service workers.

“No one tips retail workers, fast food counter staff, housekeepers or carers. So why is it considered ‘tight’ not to tip waiters extra money? restaurants that are paid a similar amount for similar work?”

A third said: “In the UK they get minimum wage. No need to tip at all for good service which you would expect. You have to be above and better to get a tip.”

Meanwhile, one agreed with the original poster: “It would bother me OP too. Especially since there was no service charge added to the bill and the way the one of them gave it to the waiter trying to take credit for it.”

“Yes, very tight. It would make me think less of them,” added a second.

Another simply said, “Yes, it’s really tight.”

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