Mel’s Drive-in Adds Outdoor Movies To Its Carhop Restaurant Service In COVID-19 Era

WEST HOLLYWOOD (KABC) – In the era of COVID-19, theaters with drive-ins are making a comeback. The iconic Mel’s drive-in on Sunset Boulevard brings movie magic to West Hollywood on their new drive-in movie nights, which combine their restaurant with the experience on the big screen.

On Sunday evenings, Mel’s takes its clients on a nostalgic journey to another era.

“I had to come because I love ‘Grease’ and I love the 50s. I even have a whole bunch of outfits,” Mikayla Pena said.

The family restaurant revives a tradition that began more than 70 years ago: the carhop service.

“My grandfather had Mel’s Drive-in, it was a carhop restaurant from 1947 until about the ’70s. Things changed and carhop kind of disappeared and I brought it back,” said Colton Weiss.

Weiss says the fact that carhops are delivering orders is fun for customers and it has helped the chain survive during the coronavirus crisis.

“When we couldn’t invite people over for dinner, it was just take out and stuff when COVID first started,” Weiss said. “When we brought back the carhop service it was a safe way for people to stop and eat in their cars and they had this cool retro fun experience.”

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” kicked off the Sunday night drive-through film series. The cost is $ 30 per adult; there is no charge for children. Only 18 vehicles are allowed in the parking lot.

“You can feel the culture and the community at Mel’s and it’s a great way to be able to social distance and come here and spend time with your family,” said Lance Butler.

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