Meet the kitchen assistant robots that are revolutionizing food service

It’s hard to believe that an investment opportunity could be so tasty.

Miso Robotics solves one of foodservice’s biggest problems with advanced, fully automated kitchen assistants designed for commercial-scale fast food restaurants. With the potential to triple restaurant margins and double production, there is no doubt that 10 of the top 25 fast food brands have already started working with the company.

After all, this $300 billion industry has been plagued with major challenges. Despite spending $70.3 billion annually on labor, workers are leaving the restaurant industry in droves, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, the labor shortage went from 4.8% to 6.9% last year alone.

To make matters worse, restaurants are already skating on wafer-thin margins of just 5%. With high employee turnover, exorbitant overhead costs and plummeting profit margins, restaurants are struggling to maintain their margins, let alone increase them.

But a new trend is emerging. Brands are starting to realize that there is a way to solve this growing problem. It’s called automation – and Miso Robotics is leading the way. Their automated kitchen assistants do all the heavy lifting in restaurant kitchens, filling in some of the biggest gaps in back-end operations.

The best part? Miso’s kitchen assistant robots have the potential to triple restaurant profit margins by reducing costs. They work twice as fast and can increase food production by 30%. Plus, their compact design allows them to fit easily into even the tightest of spaces.

From grilling to frying to filling drinks, Miso’s kitchen assistants, Flippy and Sippy, give restaurant staff the time and space they need to focus on the most important part of the meal. work: customer service.

Consider the labor shortage solved.

Right now, Miso Robotics is on the fast track to success. The company has already brought advanced automation to renowned international fast food brands, including White Castle and CaliBurger. In fact, White Castle saw such a positive impact on the productivity of its Miso test that it decided to roll out Flippy to another 100 of its standalone sites.

Even global multi-brand restaurant company Inspire Brands — parent company of Buffalo Wild — is tailoring Miso’s robots to its exact needs with Flippy Wings, the only robotic chicken wing frying solution designed for high-volume restaurants.

To top it off, Miso’s latest partnership is with Jack in the Box, which just launched a pilot program with the robotics company to improve restaurant efficiency and increase revenue. This could open the door for Flippy and Sippy to integrate into more of its 2,200 locations in the United States.

All of these partnerships put Miso well on the way to capturing the US foodservice market, which includes up to 250,000 fast food restaurants nationwide.

With strong traction underway, Miso Robotics is poised to continue pushing forward and capturing interest from other top brands in need of automation. The company has already leveraged over $50 million in investments by continuously developing and optimizing existing kitchen automation technologies. The latest version of Flippy is smarter, faster, lighter and more modular than ever. Now they continue to fundraise for new advancements and develop robots for even more commercial kitchen tasks.

Miso Robotics’ idea of ​​cooking your next fast food meal could become a reality – and soon. Now you can invest in the highest performing automated frying solution available today and be part of the automation revolution. Secure your shares in Miso Robotics before the company’s funding round closes on June 23.

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