Mashed burgers, for starters: restaurant staff share weird orders

Restaurant staff around the world have taken to social media to share the strangest orders they’ve received. Don’t eat while reading this.

Restaurant staff took to social media to share the strangest requests they’ve ever been asked – including mashed burgers – forcing us to wonder how far is it too far for menu substitutions?

There is a scene in the first act of the 1989 romantic comedy When Harry meets Sally, when Sally (Meg Ryan) is at a dinner party with Harry (Billy Crystal) as they share a road trip. Sally is a specific type of person, and when she orders her food she is quite special.

Waitress: What can I get you?

Harry: I’ll have number three.

Sally: I would like the chef’s salad, please, with the oil and vinegar aside. And the apple pie fashionable… But I would like the pie to be heated, and I don’t want ice cream on it. I want him next door. And I would like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have any. Otherwise, no ice cream, just whipped cream, but only if it’s true. If it’s in a box, then nothing.

Waitress: Not even the pie?

Sally: No, just the pie. But then not heated.

The purpose of the scene, as funny as it is, was to make fun of those kind of people. It’s just a slice of apple pie in a roadside restaurant; you don’t need to make that kind of effort. But what was once the realm of Hollywood comedy has become more and more fact-based, in a sad way, “life imitates art”. Buzzfeed at published a list of some of the strangest dietary demands that hotel staff readers have ever encountered. It will make you think (and probably suppress your gag reflex).

And, yes, it’s a piece of America, so a lot of it will go from the most curious to the most disgusting; coated in chocolate, fried and served on a stick.

The play begins with the anecdote of a woman who walked into a restaurant with her child, and quite calmly ordered her child’s meal: the child wanted a bowl of soup filled with ranch dressing (for the uninitiated , ranch dressing is made with mayonnaise, buttermilk, onion, garlic, chives, parsley and dill; it is – strictly speaking – a dressing, and not as this kid would have you believe, a soup). There’s nothing quite like enjoying a healthy salad, especially if you smother it in a high-calorie sodium bomb.

I once served a customer who had a child who could only eat mash. She asked us to mash a burger and fries and serve it to the kid in a glass.

From the same article: “I worked in an Italian restaurant at the university, and every Friday evening the same family came to eat. Each family member ordered a bowl of spaghetti and a side salad at the ranch. They then each mixed the spaghetti and salad in a single bowl and drizzled with the ranch dressing. Just like mom did.

Another contributor said: “I once waited for a client who had a child who could only eat mash. She asked us to mash a burger and fries and serve it to the kid in a glass.

It’s a bit much, really, but if we live in a world where there is something like frozen sausage covered with chocolate chip pancakes on a stick, we are really through the culinary mirror.

For the restaurateur, there is a lot to be said about substituting menu items for odd customer demands. The cook in question, when approached by the waiter about the bowl of ranch dressing, came to the conclusion that he should charge for an entire bottle of dressing. on his regular retail price.

But what about the most demanding? Those on a fad diet or the following, or like Jack Nicholson in Five easy pieces, who told the staff he just wanted toast, but toast is not on the menu, so he orders a chicken salad sandwich, grilled, holds the chicken and salad. it didn’t end well.

Working customer service is hard work, especially when food is involved, and given the sheer volume of dietary needs, allergens, vegans, vegetarians, as well as your Keto types, our best advice. can give is to be very selective about where you dine out (if you live outside of NSW and Victoria and dining out is currently an option for you).

Find a place that purchases all of its produce ethically (if that’s important to you) and offers peanut-free food if that’s your problem.

Your hosts want you to have an enjoyable dining experience, and it’s more likely to be so if you just order from the menu, be nice to the staff, pay when you’re done, and Google a great review.

Or, if you want an unrecognizable mashed burger and fries, buy a blender, go buy a Happy Meal, and make it yourself at home. You will save money and not be the subject of articles like this.

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