Man completes restaurant menu in 61 minutes | Man devours entire restaurant menu in an hour, raises money for charity while eating 13,000 calories

22-year-old devours entire restaurant menu in an hour | Photo credit: YouTube

There are eaters, there are bulimics and there are restaurant menu eaters. Kyle Gibson from Sunderland, UK falls into the third category.

The 22-year-old competitive eater, who holds the top spot in the British Eating League, recently devoured an entire menu at a fast food chain while raising money for charity.

He ate eight burgers, four hot dogs, two servings of fries, three sandwiches, one BLT, and two milkshakes in just 61 minutes.

By feeding on the 13,000 calorie meal, he raised £ 400 for the Newcastle West End food bank and donated food worth £ 100 to charity.

An 11 minute video of Kyle’s binge eating attempt was shared on his “KyleVFood” YouTube channel


“I love doing crazy things like this, but I realize that there are people who really cannot afford to eat, who are in bad situations and generally need help and who depend on places like food banks to feed their families. This is why I donate money and food to the Newcastle West End Food Bank, “Kyle told Chronicle Live.

The 22-year-old leads a healthy lifestyle, trains often in the gym, and eats lots of fruits and vegetables when not gorging on high-calorie junk food.

“I participate in competitions like this, but I make sure I stay healthy the other days of the week,” he said.

While Kyle eats for a good cause, there is a competitive eater who does the same for social media attention and his weight gain “profession”.

The 44-year-old, who calls himself “Gainer Bull,” weighs 225 kilograms and eats 10,000 calories per day as part of his “profession” of weight gain.

Gainer Bull, real name Bryan, started his weight gain journey 20 years ago when he weighed just 81 kilograms. Today, he is part of the community of big fetishists and enjoys gaining weight.

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