Kandi Burruss says she had no idea some of her restaurant staff were hooking up until she saw him on her new reality show, ‘Kandi and the Gang’

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  • Kandi Burruss’ new series “Kandi and the Gang” takes a behind-the-scenes look at her latest restaurant, Old Lady Gang.

  • The family restaurant has a close staff that often mixes work and pleasure.

  • Burruss told Insider she was “surprised” by some of the connections.

Kandi Burruss’ new Bravo reality series “Kandi and the Gang” has a few surprises in store for the restaurant owner.

New spinoff “Real Housewives of Atlanta” takes viewers behind the scenes at Burruss’ new family restaurant, Old Lady Gang (OLG), as staff juggle their often intertwined personal lives with the demands of the hospitality industry . It quickly becomes clear that this Atlanta restaurant has a lot more cuisine than southern fare.

Burruss told Insider that “Kandi and the Gang” revealed to him for the first time some of the relationships that took place between restaurant staff. “Some of the relationships that happen in our restaurant – some of them, I think ‘okay’. But some of them, I didn’t know they hooked up!” she says.

“Like, I knew some people liked each other or whatever, but a few of them, I was like ‘who, what? “I didn’t know this was happening. It was a surprise!” added the “Real Housewives” star.

Staff romance is prevalent in the series. One of the fan-favorite relationships to watch develop is that between OLG manager Brandon Black and OLG bartender Dom’Unique Variety. Black even revealed on the show that he started working at OLG after seeing Variety working there.

“Kandi and the Gang” features Brandon Black and Dom’Unique Variety at the show’s premiere.Marcus Ingram/Bravo

And Burruss isn’t afraid to show all sides of restaurant life – both in front of the house and behind it. When asked if she was worried about opening up her restaurant’s issues to the world and potentially impacting sales, she admitted she was a little worried.

“On the one hand, we wanted to show people that even though we’re ‘celebrities,’ we still have the same struggles as other business owners when it comes to having your own small business,” he said. Burruss told Insider.

“We were trying to show people that we have to deal with a lot of the same things. But at the same time, you know, a lot of times people want to see you as perfect, and they don’t want to see the struggles,” he said. she declared.

“Kandi and the Gang” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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