How to increase restaurant sales with third-party delivery apps

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Article contributed by Ryan gromfin

A few years ago, I wasn’t the biggest fan of third-party delivery. Last year I sort of wavered in the middle. These days, it’s just part of the business. Whether you’re a fan or not, I suggest you grab some third-party delivery services and go for a run! But before you start, there are a few proven tips that you need to know that will help you rank high in their search results.

Before you begin, these tips are not for those of you who are still struggling with 25-30% commission rates and wondering if third-party delivery services are worth the price. These tips are for restaurants who want to adopt these services, or are currently using them, and who want to make sure your restaurant performs best when people search third-party apps.


Over the past six months, I have developed this method by working with my restaurant clients to achieve the best possible results with their third-party applications. These strategies have been used to get more orders, to be top in research, and to ensure you get the most out of these apps!

1. Categories.

It sounds pretty obvious, but your restaurant needs to be configured with the correct categories. It’s a balance between being too specific but also not too broad. For example, if you run a pizzeria, pizza should be your number one category. You can also have categories for Italian, Pasta, American, or American Italian; it depends on what you are offering. I work with a client who operates an Egyptian restaurant. In the United States, however, very few people seek out Egyptian food. Instead, they seek out food from the Middle East or the Mediterranean. When we changed its main category from Egyptian to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean, we immediately saw an increase in the number of orders it was receiving. Don’t get too carried away… your categories should accurately represent your restaurant. Your meal times must also be precise: breakfast, lunch, dinner, late evening, etc. Every third-party delivery app / website is slightly different, but we’ve found that it’s the most important thing you can do to increase your orders.

2. Pay-for-Play works.

If you pay for advertising, offer coupons for free shipping, or any sort of Pay-for-Play processing, you’ll get one step closer to the top.

Singer September 2021 728 × 90

3. Reviews matter.

Nothing will move the needle more than the first two than the reviews – lots and lots of reviews. For this reason, you need to create a process for getting reviews. Some delivery companies give you customer information and allow you to follow up with them, but most of them don’t, so something is up to you. Follow the KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) principles to increase the likelihood that a customer will complete a review. We have found that postcards work well by providing a QR code that links to the review site.

4. Names are important.

I run a breakfast restaurant that has 10 different omelets, all with different names on its menu. On the third-party app, it had listed them by name, Denver, California, etc. When we changed the name of each item to Denver Omelet, California Omelet, etc., their orders increased. This same principle applies to sandwiches, wraps, bowls, pasta, pizza, etc. It is imperative to ensure that the broad category is indicated in the description of each item.

5. Pick up the phone.

It is important to establish a great relationship with your suppliers. That doesn’t mean calling them up and yelling at them about the 30% commission rate – they hear that all day. Instead, say something like, “Hey, I’ve done a lot to improve my ads: I fixed SEO, put better photos, etc.” I love the relationship we have created and want to do more business with you. . I believe you are the future! I am redesigning my restaurant to be more efficient for deliveries and take out orders. I updated my menu and your site menu… how can we work more together? “ You will be SHOCKED at some of the responses and deals they are willing to make when you show them that you are a part of their team and that you are excited about your future relationship.

When you approach your relationship with third-party delivery companies from this perspective, the information they will share with you is amazing. They might not be able to offer you free advertising, but they might have a discount that they can extend. Sometimes they can offer a one-week trial with free shipping and then provide metrics of the trial. These companies have a huge amount of data and know what people are looking for and what words they are using to search. Maybe they are looking for spaghetti instead of pasta, by making this change on your website / menu you will see a huge impact on sales.

The key to increasing your ranking on third-party apps is understanding what language your customers are using to find you, and then speaking their language. When you do this, your third-party delivery sales will be ascend!

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