Help feed the more than 500 starving Ballito restaurant employees who don’t earn a salary

The Ballito Restaurant Association (BRA) is appealing to the community to help feed the more than 500 employees who cannot earn a salary.

After a return to Lockdown Level 4 just under 2 weeks ago, restaurants are again facing trade restrictions.

As they are only allowed to sell take-out food, a number of restaurants have chosen to temporarily close their doors.

Although the Restaurant Association of South Africa continues to fight for the industry, there are no government support measures.

The operating costs of many restaurants, even when closed, are well over R 150,000 per month.

This includes electricity, rent, tariffs, wages, and basics such as point-of-payment device charges.

Some have chosen to pay part of the staff salaries. However, not all were so lucky.

Owner of 2 On Main, Lee Campbell has decided to temporarily close the store.

Campbell currently operates 2 restaurants, the second being based in Umhlanga.

In total, it employs 60 people who all have mouths to feed.

“The restaurant industry is fighting for relief. I’m afraid this lockdown will be extended, ”Campbell said.

For Campbell, keeping his Ballito restaurant closed costs an average of Rand 220,000 a month, with the Umhlanga-based restaurant averaging Rand 180,000 to 200,000 a month. Its only viable option was to remain closed.

Since Lockdown 4 began, Campbell has donated all of his stockpile of perishables and unplugged his refrigerators to cut costs.

Fabian Durocher-Yvon, owner of Fiamma Grill and a member of BRA, said he hopes the community will support the initiative.

“We have 32 restaurants in our guild, 10 of which have closed temporarily,” he said, adding that he would gladly offer advice to any restaurants facing a permanent closure. Together, the restaurants have 527 employees who are not currently working.

All proceeds from collecting food parcels are donated to staff in need and cost R 350 per parcel.

These are evenly distributed among all the restaurants.

A number of local franchises have also joined the association.

Drop-off points are at the Fiamma Grill as well as a cart collection point at Ballito Village Spar.

Donations can also be made via EFT to the following Nedbank account:
Account Name: Ballito Restaurant Association
Account number: 1098340426
Branch code: 196765
Reference: Parcel and your name
For more information, contact Fabian Durocher-Yvon from Fiamma Grill on 032 946 1029.

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