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Overall, the customers of the Harrison Corner Cafe – both locals and tourists – have cooperated with the vaccination passport system and supported the business.

However, this was not the case for everyone.

Cafe staff are calling on the public and local businesses to be on the lookout for a woman who has been told to leave the restaurant after allegedly verbally assaulting staff over COVID-19 and the regulations on them. vaccine passports to return to the restaurant a few days later after closing time to destroy the signage on the door.

According to cafe staff, the initial incident took place on Wednesday, September 15. Leanne Bourgoin-Faessler, who works as a waitress at the cafe, said she went to get the cafe’s phone to scan her vaccination card as the woman sat down. Bourgoin-Faessler asked the woman for identification and the vaccination card, in which case the woman allegedly called Nazi, Communist staff and used a number of racial and ethnic derogations against the staff. The woman was asked to leave and she was said to have left alone, continuing the verbal abuse as she walked out the door.

Staff did not report the incident to the RCMP as the woman left of her own accord, Bourgoin-Faessler said.

Cafe staff said the same woman was caught on security footage returning five days later after closing time to tear up signage on the cafe’s front door. The signage included COVID-19 times and protocols.

Patricia Dignart, one of the owners of Harrison Corner Cafe, said the woman apparently deliberately turned around as she walked past the cafe to remove the signs.

“We follow the guidelines just like we follow food safety, the liquor license and other guidelines,” Dignart said. The observer. “So far we have received a lot of positive feedback.”

Any suspicious activity can be reported to Agassiz RCMP at 604-796-2211.

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