Grumbles restaurant menu app gets Phoenixville test


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Image via grunts.

Pete Wolk, left, and Raphael Watanabe.

Grumbles, a restaurant app that sifts through local menus to accommodate dietary restrictions, is being road tested in Phoenixville. Kennedy Rose double clicked on the details of The Philadelphia Business Journal.

Its creators, Pete Wolk and Raphael Watanabe, have taken their technological experience and applied it to diners who are struggling to eat in restaurants, due to restrictions on what they can and cannot safely order. They sought to remedy the often isolating situation.

“When we started adding up all the issues we had with food while eating out, and then extending that to our family and friends, we knew we had been a game-changer,” Wolk said.

The app they developed shows users photos of food from local restaurants based on the taste profile they set. It has a “food first approach” unlike most of their competitors who use a restaurant first approach.

The duo decided to venture into Phoenixville because while its hotel industry has grown significantly in recent years, it’s still not as technologically demanding as Philadelphia’s. The app currently contains downloads of every menu item from every restaurant in the borough.

“Our approach is to cut our teeth in the suburbs and then move in” to Philadelphia, Wolk said.

Read more about Grumbles in The Philadelphia Business Journal.

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