Gordon Ramsay adds vegan roast to his London restaurant menu

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has added another dish to his London Bread Street Kitchen menu – this time it’s a vegan Sunday roast.

The fiery greedy revealed the news to his nearly 7 million followers on Twitter.

Posting a video of the dish, which appears to feature a well of veg alongside roasted potatoes, braised carrots, veggies and gravy, Ramsay wrote: “It happened … the vegan roast landed at Bread Street Kitchen. “

“The rise of the vegan roast”

A blog post shared by Bread Street Kitchen last week spoke about the rise of vegan roast, saying that while its traditional counterpart brings “everyone” together, it “just won’t cut it for veg and vegans.”

“Last year the UK overtook the leader, Germany, in the number of new vegan products released,” the post read. “Plant-based diets are all the rage and dairy-free milks are available in every coffee shop worthy of the name.

“Between 2014 and 2018, the number of British vegans quadrupled and registrations for Veganuary 2019 doubled compared to last year. Vegan was something our guests celebrated, and Gordon’s famous Beet Wellington has taken off at Bread Street Kitchen and remains on the restaurant’s dedicated vegan menu.

“To survive, the roast must evolve to meet the expectations and diets of our generation. Hence the rise of vegan and vegetarian roast.

Vegan Gordon Ramsay

Although he has been known to be anti-plant in the past, Ramsay recently expanded his restaurant’s vegan offering.

Earlier this year, it launched a vegan menu to celebrate Veganuary, featuring dishes including wild mushroom and truffle risotto and chocolate avocado and almond mousse.

In 2018, the chef added a vegan pizza to his menu, creating a media buzz by sharing an image of pizza without cheese, tweeting, “I’m going to try this vegan thing. Yes guys, you heard that right.

Gordon Ramsay hates vegans?

Before that, Ramsay had often said how much he hated vegans. Earlier last year, an anti-vegan joke he made went viral.

His tweet, retweeted over 43,000 times, read: “I’m a member of PETA! People eating tasty animals…. But he received a short time online.

Animal rights charity PETA quickly jumped in to respond, saying, “Oh my God, Gordon. We’ve heard that old phrase before. “A real” hellish kitchen “is full of the corpses and secretions of artificially inseminated, castrated and regularly abused animals.”

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