Good catering service no excuse to compromise the rules of the kitchen – Opinion

Customers of the Haidilao hoypot restaurant. Zou Hong / China Daily

Two outlets of the Haidilao fondue chain in Beijing were closed after media reported that mice were seen running across their kitchen floors and dishes were thrown into a dirty sink with dustpan. . commented on Saturday:

Haidilao responded within hours of the reports being released and offered a detailed plan for taking corrective action. Rather than making the kitchen staff the scapegoat, he said management would shoulder most of the responsibility – an exemplary public relations attempt to win hearts.

But for many with almost unconditional faith in the hot pot chain, the exposure of compromised cooking conditions comes as a brutal shock. The fondue restaurant business is more often known for its overly attentive service than its food. Clients waiting for a table might be offered a free manicure, and those who forget to carry an umbrella on a rainy day may have a taxi waiting for them before they leave.

Such anecdotes have made Haidilao a caring company that always puts the well-being of its customers above all else. Haidilao’s appropriate and timely response to reports of dirty cooking is commendable, but it makes little difference to the fact that like many underground food vendors, the pot “giant” also has dirty kitchens and staff. reckless kitchen that refuses to follow sanitary rules. .

Contrary to popular belief, Haidilao’s catering service is far from “impeccable”. Online promotion has become standard practice in many restaurants and grocery stores, which go to great lengths to attract potential customers and maintain repeat customers. They don’t even hesitate to do questionable stunts, whether it’s hiring people to queue up or paying for approval from online thought leaders, while paying little attention to sanitary condition.

Thus, Haidilao’s management should learn a lesson from exploding its myth of service and take steps to ensure that kitchen and hygiene rules are fully implemented.

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