Glancing Askance: Give and Take Restaurant Menu | Columns

We eat out for many reasons: convenience, timing, location, enjoyment. Sometimes we do it to try new and different dishes than we could prepare ourselves. Other times, it’s exactly the opposite: we seek the comfort of certain preparations. How many times have you gone to a favorite place and avoided even looking at the menu, ordering your usual club sandwich instead, or spaghetti and meatballs, or a burger and fries?

But nothing is set in stone. This goes for rivers and buildings, sock drawers and hemlines, government benefits and family ties. And yes, restaurant menus. Removing an old favorite can cause a lot of disappointment, consternation and hand twisting. On the other hand, you might find new love if you just give it a chance. You just have to get out of it, because, as Jay Asher wrote in the novel “Thirteen Reasons Why”, “You can’t stop the future and you can’t go back to the past”.

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