Former waitress says restaurant staff used code word to describe black customers

A former Cracker Barrel waitress took to TikTok to share a shocking allegation about working there.

In a viral clip that has garnered over 200,000 views, TikTok user Kimmie (@cinnamnhoney) claimed servers use a password to describe black customers.

“I, a hostess at Cracker Barrel, wondered how every employee knew a table was full of Canadians even though they didn’t have a telltale accent,” Kimmie wrote on the video.

She then made the shocking revelation: “‘Canadian’ is a code word for black people.”

Additionally, the TikToker picked out a colleague in the caption, writing, “A waitress complained SO MUCH if I sat ‘Canadian’ in her section and I was so confused because I thought Canadians were stereotyped as nice .”

The music video used a remix by Psy Gangnam Style, a recent trend that sees TikTokers sharing traumatic experiences.

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a waitress used to complain SO MUCH if i sat “canadians” in her section and i was so confused because i thought canadians were stereotyped as nice

Hundreds of viewers flooded the comments section. Not only were they horrified by the alleged incident, but many pointed out how frightening and common racism is in the hospitality industry.

One user said that although they were initially confused upon hearing the term, they “unfortunately heard it growing too much in the south”.

Another TikToker claimed to have experienced the same thing at his former workplace, which was closed.

“Omg this happened to my old job too,” they said. “I totally forgot about it until now, but the place is closed now.”

A third lifted the lid on other alleged terms, such as ‘Monday’, adding: ‘The service industry is incredibly racist – I’ve been to 5 different restaurants and seen the same thing at all. “

“I brought in a former colleague who asked me if I had seen the ‘gang’ outside, it was a black family, added another. ‘Any group of 3 or more is a gang’, m ‘he said !”

indy100 has contacted Cracker Barrel for comment.

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