Five secrets to motivating your millennial restaurant staff

DUBAI – Dubai sees many restaurants opening and closing each year, and while there are places that may impress the eye or the palette, if service standards aren’t up to par, there is an undeniable flaw. A key part of keeping restaurant doors open is building and managing a strong team, and no great business strategy will ever become a reality if restaurant staff are not motivated and equipped.

Motivating a young team to embrace a culture of service and business processes requires a sense of empathy and leadership, and organizations that promote the dignity and ownership of processes spend more time opening new doors. than shutting down, says Gabrielle F. Mather, CEO and founder of leading United Arab Emirates-based restaurant companies, Restaurant Secrets Inc. and Cornerstone 61 Consultancy.

1) Promote passion with purpose

Be a practical leader, share a vision your employees can embrace. Be passionate every day about what you do and why. Commit to giving your employees a healthy company culture so that a positive DNA runs through the work family that spends more time with you than with theirs. Millennials are passionate about things when they’re motivated. In a world of instantaneous self-gratification, sometimes their passion can die before it is fueled. Be an inspiration, share success stories, offer one-on-one mentorship, and watch their passion find useful channels to be great.

2) Offer a variety of continuing education

Millennials love to learn new things, multitask, and explore. With an active attention span and looking for new stimuli, keep workouts interesting and varied. F&B owners make the mistake of sticking only to F&B related training. I suggest mixing them with life skills, some inspiring topics like Ted Talks. Introduce them to success stories from the industry and the outside. Keep your training focused on personal human development and not just on F&B skills. When millennials gain confidence and are highly motivated, they adapt their learning and natural talents to everyday tasks. This is when you get the most out of it.

3) Be clear about the expectations

No one is a mind reader. To expect millennials to be constantly proactive and initiate tasks that have not been explained and trained is a losing battle. Yes, there are some extremely active, caring and motivated people, and if you already have them on your team, you are ahead of your competition. Let’s face it, our job as leaders is to inspire our teams to grow and learn. By being clear about your expectations, the results of the role model, especially the values ​​we stand for, get results with impressionable young teams.

4) Exceptionally reward exceptional performance and attitudes

Remember that people engage in a task for the paycheck and their passion for a cause. Your team usually works 10 hours to feed their family. They will only work to be remarkable all those 10 hours with joy and passion if they feel appreciated and find dignity in what they do.

An entrepreneur understands the thrill of “owning” a business. All humans are built to thrive on a sense of ownership of their accomplishments. Not only is this restaurant industry a business serving people who may forget to say thank you, it’s also the industry where the most millennials are employed. Have a reward or incentive program that encourages top performers. It is a win-win for all when talent is retained. Don’t let this star be ripped off by the competition, because that’s exactly what will happen when it shines. Let your employees shine with confidence and give them good reason to give the best years of their careers to an organization that nurtures, teaches and rewards.

5) The success of the restaurant is the result of teamwork and synergy

Surprise, surprise, the “connected but most disconnected” generation thrives on teamwork.

A great brand is managed by its proud and caring owners. It is our responsibility as entrepreneurs and owners. The stewardship mentality leads to a sense of responsibility and accountability, which in turn creates the “buddy” culture. I’ve seen teams stay in a tiring job because they love going to work and enjoying the time they spend together as a team. Customers feel the energy of an effective team and choose to spend their time and money in an environment where the people who create the place make them happy and special. Only a happy, synergistic and operationally efficient team can achieve this.

Restaurant Secrets Inc.

Restaurant Secrets Inc. (RSI) is a team of expert catering consultants and business incubators in the United Arab Emirates who have served more than 300 brands since its inception in 2001. The ISO 9001 certified company provides a complete solution to internal F&B incubation. Nothing is outsourced to RSI. This unique business setup ensures synergistic results as teams work together to develop all elements of a restaurant, including concept development, menu engineering, feasibility studies, business plans, layouts and interior design, branding and marketing, talent demand, franchise development, post-opening operational support and more. To name a few, some of RSI’s most important projects recently include Montauk Boutique Café, Colt, Roti Rollers, La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie, Clinton’s Baking Street, So Tea, OPSO, Mitts & Trays and The Loft. at Dubai Opera.

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