FEEL GOOD | Cape Town customer leaves restaurant staff with R20K tip

The restaurant said 18 staff members received R1111.11 each and are more than happy with this kind gesture.

  • Staff at the Massimo restaurant were left speechless when a customer left them a tip of R20,000.
  • General manager Chris Brown said their jaws “dropped to the ground” when he broke the news after the payment.
  • Since the pandemic, the restaurant has run a soup kitchen for people in need.

Staff at the popular Massimo’s restaurant in Hout Bay were left speechless when a generous customer left them a tip of R20,000 to share.

Massimo and his team have a reputation for being charitable, and on July 15, a patron decided it was time to give back.

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Staff at the popular Massimo’s restaurant in Hout Bay had their “jaw dropped to the ground when a customer walked in paying for their goods and left with a generous R20,000 tip to share.”

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The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic due to trade restrictions. President Cyril Ramaphosa recently moved the country to an adjusted Level 3 lockdown, meaning restaurants could finally start trading again.

But, speaking to News24, managing director Chris Brown said staff didn’t expect to receive such kindness from a customer.

“It was a normal day at the restaurant when a regular customer called to say she would come pick up frozen items from the store. Before hanging up, she asked how many staff the restaurant had, which I didn’t. didn’t… think of anything at the time, ”he said.

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When she arrived at the restaurant, Brown called her purchase and asked her for a total of R370, which she paid.

She asked him again to tell her how many staff there were because she knew they had not received any tips while the restaurant was closing.

“I told her we were 20 employees in total. After paying for her gifts, she took out another card and said there were 20 staff, she would leave a tip of R20,000,” a- he declared.

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Cape Town customers tip restaurant staff R20,000.

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“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I even asked the client more than once if she was 100% sure she wanted to tip R20,000, and she said yes every time. that I asked him, “he added.

Brown said after payment was made, the customer asked him not to “make a big deal out of it” and simply left the store.

The staff were delighted and many were relieved.

“Some people needed the money more than others, and that money is coming at the right time,” Brown said.

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He added that there were two members in senior positions who chose not to take the money and give their share to the rest of the staff.

He said:

The fact that our restaurant is still standing, and we [are] still being able to earn a monthly income is a blessing. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

The restaurant said 18 staff members received R1 111.11 each and were more than happy with this kind gesture.

Since last year’s unconditional lockdown, Massimo’s has run a soup kitchen, distributing food to those in need in the Hout Bay area.

The restaurant now has its own soup kitchen that operates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, when they distribute soup, pasta, garlic bread and focaccia to those in need.

“The pandemic has hit many businesses in the worst possible way and to show our gratitude to the many customers who still support the restaurant, we have decided to continue giving back to the community in these times,” Brown added.

If people want to donate ingredients to their soup kitchen, they can drop off their donations at the Hout Bay store or donate to their backabuddy account.

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