Farrah Abraham degrades British restaurant staff for not singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her; Throws A Tantrum At A Birthday Candle – Ashley’s Reality Roundup

“Hey waiter! Come back here so I can throw a bag of frozen peas at your head!”

Farrah Abraham is currently terrorizing the UK, having crossed the ocean to get his botched job (or something) fixed. With The Big F’s 31st birthday fast approaching in eight days, she decided to celebrate early by showing waiters at a British restaurant why the name “Farrah” scares customer service staff coast to coast!

In an Instagram reel posted by Farrah herself, the former OG teen mom the star is shown demanding that restaurant staff celebrate her birthday, “calling them out” in a video (which actually only his looking bad), then acting coy when the waiter finally complies while singing his happy birthday.

Allow The Ashley to recap the latest Backdoor Teen Mom international hijinks!

After getting her butt waxed, pumped, and reshaped (or glued back on…I have no idea what else could be done on that thing at this point), Farrah went out to dinner with some “friends” and was angry to find that when the waiter brought her dessert, she didn’t dare include the birthday candle that Farrah had requested…for herself.

“I asked for a candle,” Farrah told the waitress. “Can I have a candle?” Ma’am, can I have a candle please?

Farrah is angry when the waiter doesn’t immediately fetch a birthday candle, so she charges like a Botox-filled bull through a china shop to the kitchen, where she finds a group of waiters. not get his candle.

“Trust me guys, just bring her the candle or she’ll have you all dressed like that within the hour.” Also, neigh.

“She goes behind us – texting and talking to co-workers right behind us where we can see,” Farrah wrote of the waitress. “Don’t bring a candle.”

Farrah then goes to yell at the waiters, holding her dessert without a candle.

“Hi, you text and talk, you don’t get a candle and you sing happy birthday,” Farrah tells them. “Give me a candle!” I don’t work here.

If she really wanted them to sing for her, she should have threatened to start singing herself. YIKES!

Finally, the restaurant manager sees that a rundown American reality TV “star” is causing a ruckus in his restaurant and goes to see what the problem is. Farrah begins to raise the hell, bringing her “belligerent, anti-Christian attitude” known throughout America, eventually ending her rant with something akin to “So I can eat and hang out!”

(Thanks to the diner mate who sneakily pulls out his phone to record the Botox-filled American acting like a jerk in the restaurant.)

Farrah’s UK friends seem to find her titled rant amusing, laughing in the background as the waitress looks absolutely shocked that a grown woman is having a real meltdown in the middle of a restaurant over a birthday candle…even though it’s not even his birthday!

These poor waiters seem surprised by Farrah’s behavior. They apparently never saw “Teen Mom”…

The manager, bless her British heart, is trying to make the angry little girl happy (or rather get her to close her trap), so she excuses herself and brings out a dessert… with a candle.

Farrah begins to sing “Happy Birthday” (to herself…as you do), in an attempt to trick the servers into singing to her.

“I heard you were going to sing for me!” Farrah said happily.

The manager looks like she wants to take the birthday candle and light Farrah on fire; however, she immediately begins singing the least cheerful “birthday” song ever sung. Random busboys and waiters join them. (They’re clearly mocking Farrah, unbeknownst to the ‘Teen Mom’ star, who most likely thinks they just wanted to sing so they could tell their friends they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone. so famous.)

Farrah, in what might be the most “Farrah” action ever, then proceeds to act coy and almost surprised by this “sudden” burst of birthday joy. She enthusiastically blows out her candle, but is clearly more thrilled that she got what she wanted and even got to rub the waiters face in it.

“How did you know it was my birthday!? It must be a national holiday here in England.

While Farrah may have thought the video was funny/cute/proof that she could effectively terrorize strangers, her subscribers didn’t. Most of the comments left on the video called out Farrah for her incredible uprightness, immaturity and rudeness.

“No one is obligated to celebrate you!” one person wrote.

A second person agreed, adding to the comment that the UK doesn’t have a tradition of singing “happy birthday” in restaurants like the US does.

“Nothing like an authorized American asking the Brits to do something they don’t normally do on a day that isn’t even her birthday,” the person wrote. “The way she rejected them [was] so rude. Embarrassingly, she posted this thinking it was funny or cute or good.

Others have pointed out that Farrah’s childish actions actually show how much she craves attention.

“Get a hold of yourself…nobody’s giving it to you because it’s your birthday month…you don’t need [people] to sing to you as you are [a] kid,” someone wrote. “I would have laughed at you if you had complained about not having received your candle.”

“She really did all this drama for a candle to sing to herself,” another person commented. “As if she had serious problems. Why does she need so much attention?

Most people were stunned that Farrah posted this video se.

“Leave it to Farrah that she doesn’t need the paparazzi to film her, she’s literally showing the world how terrible she is by filming and posting it herself!” someone wrote. “There is a right way and a wrong way to ask for something. Show some class.

You can watch the full video below.

@farrahandsophia 🎂Don’t spoil the tradition! #birthday song & candle at the restaurant! when you lie to a #gemini♊️ #geminiseason #birthdaysong #birthday #itsmybirthday on May 31st don’t forget to wish me happy birthday otherwise! 😂🎶🎤🎂 #fyp #fy #motivational #farrahabraham love @MissHudsonsAcademy ♬ Birthday – Twista

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