DC grocery store employees are eligible for the vaccine, but restaurant staff must wait

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser opened up COVID-19 vaccinations to four new groups of workers this week, but customer-facing restaurant staff are still waiting their turn despite being classified by the city as staff. “Essential” throughout the pandemic.

Starting Thursday, February 18, people in the following categories could begin registering for vaccine appointments: grocery store workers, manufacturing workers, food packaging workers and service workers. health and social or social services. These groups are part of the last level of phase 1B of the district immunization plan.

After announcing the eligibility of those four groups on Wednesday night, Bowser announced in his status report on Thursday that the city would start accepting appointments for people in Phase 1C – a category that includes catering workers. – March 1. The ad, however, listed only one group. who would be eligible to register for vaccination: people between the ages of 16 and 64 who can “self-certify” that they have one of 20 chronic diseases that could make a case of coronavirus more dangerous for them.

The plan that DC shared in January lists restaurant workers as the next group behind people with health conditions eligible in Phase 1C level 1. Bowser had said at a press conference in January that workers from catering would be included in a category of qualified residents. medical conditions and “other essential workers” who were targeted for the February 1 enlistment.

In other words, the deployment is at least a month behind the projection. Meanwhile, the city continues to allow indoor dining – generally recognized at this point as a “high-risk” activity – at a capacity of 25%. Food service workers in New York are already eligible for the vaccine and they will be in San Francisco starting February 24.

According to figures shared by DC Health on Thursday, the city has delivered at least one dose of the vaccine to 50,680 people (7.2% of residents).

Here’s a look at all of those eligible to get the before and after DC restaurant worker vaccinations, according to the plan released by the city on Jan.11.

Eligible for vaccine

Phase 1A

  • Health personnel (including veterinary medicine)
  • Fire and emergency medical personnel
  • Frontline public health workers

Phase 1B Level 1

  • DC residents aged 65 and over
  • Collective setting (intermediate care facilities, community residential facilities, group homes, homeless shelters)
  • Correctional officers
  • Staff working in assembly settings
  • Non-healthcare staff supporting the operations of COVID-19 vaccination clinics

Phase 1B Level 2

  • Correctional institutions and detention centers
  • Law Enforcement / Public Safety
  • All staff working in K-12 educational institutions
  • All staff working in daycares
  • All staff working in grocery stores

Phase 1B Level 3 (partially)

  • Individuals working in outreach programs in health, social services and / or social services
  • People employed in manufacturing
  • People working in food packaging and distribution
  • Staff working in courts and persons providing legal services (not listed in the last update)
  • Frontline public transport workers (en masse) (not listed in last update)
  • US Postal Service employees (not listed in the latest update)

Still waiting

Phase 1C Level 1 (starts March 1)

  • DC residents aged 16 to 64 and older with chronic illness with increased risk of complications for COVID-19 (eligible March 1)
  • Staff working in the food service (to be determined)
  • Core employees * in local government agencies (TBDs)
  • Essential Public Service Employees (TBD)
  • Core employees in health, social and human service (TBD) organizations / nongovernmental agencies
  • People working in commercial and residential property maintenance and environmental services (TBD)

Phase 1C level 2 (to be determined)

  • people working in transportation services other than public transportation (i.e. rental vehicles, carpooling)
  • People working in logistics / delivery / courier services
  • Core employees working in media and mass communications

Phase 1C level 3 (to be determined)

  • All essential employees of higher education institutions (i.e. colleges, universities, trade schools)
  • People working in the building
  • All essential employees working in information technology
  • Core employees in federal government agencies
  • People working in commercial and residential property management

Phase 2 (to be determined)

  • All DC residents aged 16 and over not included in previous phases

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