Dad mortified by four-year-old son’s note to restaurant staff on bill

A four-year-old left his father mortified by writing a note on a bill at a restaurant.

The father spoke out after his cheeky baby boy left him with red faces.

The boy scribbled down the note when they visited Woodland Creatures bar and restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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The young family had visited Woodland Creatures in Edinburgh for a roast.

When the staff went to get the bill from the table, they saw that the little restaurant had handwritten a note on the receipt.

The boy had scribbled the message quickly in pencil.

He said, “Dads do a job.”

Twitter users flocked to have their say on social media, with the social networking platform flooded with comments from people in disbelief.

Some joked that they would sew up their friends the next time they went out doing the same thing.

Others, meanwhile, were more straightforward in their praise, calling them “hilarious” and “fantastic.”

Others called the little boy a “character” in tweets after the story went viral, making headlines north of the border as well as in England.

Waiter Carlos told Edinburgh Live: ‘There was a young family for Sunday Roasts and Kids Eat Free.

‘I served them and found the lad’s surprisingly legible note just as they were leaving.

“Dad was in the bathroom just before they left.”

Staff also said the note was “surprisingly readable”, but that will not satisfy the father, who was embarrassed by his son’s admission.

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