Customer assaults restaurant staff in Malaga

A customer assaults the staff of a restaurant in Malaga. Image: Wikimedia

A CUSTOMER assaulted the staff of a restaurant in the city of Malaga.

The man, in his forties, allegedly assaulted staff in Malaga, injuring an employee.

The incident happened in central Malaga when a man dressed in a red shirt entered the pizzeria accompanied by a woman.

He went to the bar and the employees served him, but the man allegedly yelled and cursed the staff.

The employees decided not to continue serving the customer because of his attitude, which led him to say, “If you don’t serve me, I’m going to smash your plate over your head.”

The woman accompanying him tried to get him out of the pizzeria, but the customer became very violent and attempted to attack the establishment staff before they threw him out.

The man threatened to kill those who worked there and later returned armed with what appeared to be a shotgun.

Rather, according to reports, it was a crossbow that the man used to assault one of the staff, injuring his nose. The customer then allegedly shot an arrow at the glass before throwing furniture at him.

While destroying the restaurant, the man also threatened to kill the staff before leaving.

Police have come out and are now looking for the man, while officers from the National Police have opened an investigation into the crime.

The news comes after a patient was arrested earlier this year after insulting and kicking a doctor in the emergency room at the Malaga Regional University Hospital.

The facts occurred early Wednesday, June 30, when the woman arrived drunk, and allegedly insulted and assaulted the doctor who was treating her in the emergency room of the regional university hospital in Malaga. The College of Physicians of Malaga strongly condemns this new case of verbal and physical assault on a colleague in the hospital emergency room.

The interim president of the College of Physicians, Juan José Sánchez Luque, recalls that the institution has realized “in a pioneering manner, and at the national level, that attacks against physicians were considered a crime of attack; we have been beside each of the companions and we demand a “enough” aggression against the professionals who practice medicine by putting the best of ourselves to treat our patients. “

The College of Physicians reminds that the Emergency Care Telephone (TAU) is available to members for this type of situation. The telephone operates 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. At the reception, one of the lawyers from the Company’s legal department answers the call.

The doctor involved in the assault called the TAU and the case was handled by the legal department of the Costa del Sol Medical Association.

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