Cumbria Police investigate abuse against Windermere restaurant staff

A MEMBER of staff at a restaurant in Windermere was verbally abused by a member of the public in the latest case of reception staff mistreatment in Cumbria.

The San Pietro restaurant in Windermere, which is currently closed for a short time, has seen several incidents of abuse by customers, mainly via email and telephone.

Restaurant owner Jason Turner said his wife suffered verbal and racial abuse from a couple who arrived at the restaurant with their child.

The incident turned out to be witnessed by a police officer on leave who then reported the incident to Cumbria Police.

Jason said: “It’s not a very pleasant thing, but luckily it’s not a common thing. But it does happen.

“It’s not just us. A lot of businesses here are getting the same.

“This is the phone and email assault we’ve received from people we can’t get in with.

“It’s not that much in person, but it has happened.

“It’s because of the way society has changed that people get a little more aggressive and a little weird when they don’t get anything.

“It happened two or three weeks ago, but a couple came with their child and asked for a table. My wife politely explained that we were full.

“They started to be very demeaning to her, then started using abusive language, swearing and even racial language.

“My wife is a very strong person and she swept it away. She is adored by our staff and customers. She runs an excellent restaurant.

“Fortunately, a woman witnessed it and emailed us to tell us that she would act as a witness for us if we needed to.

“It turned out that she was a member of the police, so she contacted the Cumbria police who came to visit us the following afternoon. We have a strict no-abuse policy where any assault will be welcome to go. ”

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