Choosing the right uniforms for your restaurant staff

Make a statement from the moment you open your restaurant doors by keeping your brand and purpose in mind when choosing staff uniforms.

Did you know that there are over 600,000 restaurants in the United States? To be successful in this market, your restaurant must stand out. Make a statement from the moment you enter the market by keeping your brand and purpose in mind when choosing uniforms for your staff.

A style that reflects your message

As with any business, consistent styling is essential to impressing customers. The style you choose will largely depend on the message you convey. For example, if you want to attract high-end customers, asking your staff to wear a t-shirt won’t work.

Crisp and clean

If you want your staff to look impeccably professional, choose vests and pants. When purchasing uniforms, it’s always a good idea to provide two per employee, just in case they need to change between each shift. Don’t forget about accessories, like aprons for receptionists.

Laid back but neat

On the other hand, you might be running a casual cafe where everyone is welcome. You can choose a more casual style of restaurant uniform, but you still want the staff to look professional and neat.

Even a casual look should be durable, washable, and stain resistant. A poly blend will hold its shape, wear after wear, and wash after wash.

This is where t-shirts are acceptable, but try not to compromise on the quality of the materials. High quality fabric means less replacements for you and more wear and tear for them.

Collared shirts

If you need to bridge the gap between a professional and casual look, consider polo shirts. The polo shirts are ideal for urban places, where the contemporary aspect is essential.

Usually, the staff can match them with the pants of their choice. Add your logo to polo shirts; they act as a great advertisement and make your restaurant stand out in the minds of customers.

A brand image that supports your message

Now that you’ve gotten to the style of your uniform, it’s time to think about the color. Like the cut and design of the fabric, the colors convey different messages. For example, many people associate blue and green with caring and calm environments, which is why you commonly see these colors in hospitals and assisted living facilities. On the other hand, red lends itself well to fun or invigorating decorations.

Darker colors do better

For a professional establishment, think about the colors you would see at a wedding or ceremony. This usually means that the primary colors will be black, navy blue or midnight blue, combined with secondary colors like white or beige.

Using these colors is not only good for a professional look, but they are also easy to accessorize and clean. This way, your staff will have no problem choosing shoes and other accessories that complement your restaurant uniform.

Bright colors burst

If your restaurant is a casual but fast-paced restaurant, choose colors that are bright enough to reflect it. Think about the restaurants you visit when you go out for a fast food restaurant. Staff often wear yellow, red, or both.

Flattering colors

Going back to the trendy uniform idea, you’ll always want your staff to look amazing. Purple and green are generally safe options.

Will he be well?

You know your staff work in a restaurant, so the equipment should reflect the role they play in making your business run smoothly. All staff will appreciate clothing that allows their skin to breathe easily in a hot and busy restaurant environment.

Hospitality workers will always appreciate materials that are easy to wash off after a long day of drips and spills. Depending on their role, some might even benefit from flame retardant materials.

Stay cool

If your staff spends a lot of time running around serving customers, they’re going to get hot. In this case, you have to choose between cotton or viscose. Both materials encourage the skin to breathe and absorb sweat easily. As such, your staff won’t look hot and bothered, which is an unprofessional look in the eyes of customers.

Just say no to nylon

Avoid sticky materials that are uncomfortable for staff and unsightly for customers. Work clothes should be comfortable, always look clean, fit well to different bodies, and be easy to wash and wear.

Front and rear considerations

A better way to consider the type of materials you choose is to consider your reception staff versus those who work in the back of the house. Fof-house staff include employees who work at the bar, clear tables, greet guests at the door and serve meals.

Administrative staff include employees who perform general maintenance, prepare food and do the dishes. With today’s open kitchen concepts, you can’t allow the back room team to look crumpled while cooking in plain sight of customers. There are also security considerations for each specific role.

Your reception staff should be comfortable and appear clean and immaculate at all times. Choose uniforms that are easy to move and that reflect your restaurant.

Keep it comfortable

It should be borne in mind that tight clothing can make your reception staff less productive. If they can’t get around quickly, meals arrive late at the customers’ tables. This then makes your customers unhappy resulting in bad restaurant reviews.

As for the administrative staff, they must also remain at ease. The same rules for tight clothing apply. Plus, this is where breathable materials such as cotton shirts become even more important. If employees work in a hot environment and sweat too much, they can become dehydrated. Finally, if they work around a lot of open flames, consider fire retardant items.

Do you need specialized articles?

Now you are about to perfect your restaurant staff uniforms. So, let’s think about your specialists and what to wear:

  • Cooks / Chefs: Should they wear hats for health reasons or that clearly convey the company logo?

  • Waiting staff: Should they have an apron where they can hold their pens and notepads to take orders?

  • Waiters: Do they need to wear gloves to be able to serve food safely?

With the little touches, you will create a perfect uniform for customers and staff.

When creating a uniform for your restaurant staff, remember that planning is the key to success. Finally, ask your staff for feedback. If something is wrong, these are the best people to hear it.

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