Central Thailand hospital adds marijuana to spa restaurant menu


Sprinkle a little here and sprinkle a little there. A hospital in central Thailand is now adding marijuana to its spa restaurant menu. Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital in Prachin Buri serves food and drinks made with marijuana leaves to patients in its Abhaibhubejhr Day Spa.

Asala Chaocharoen, one of the pharmacists at the hospital, said she developed the menu using 1-2 marijuana leaves in a dish. Such dishes put customers in “a good mood and relaxed” while helping them sleep better and eat better. But she warns those who over-medicate because she says 5-8 leaves per day should be the maximum to consume as it can cause drowsiness.

The marijuana dishes rolled out on January 6 and included a spicy soup, fried fish, and fried bread with a ground pork spread. To wash it off, customers could drink marijuana soda. The legality of the additives could indeed attract the attention of the authorities in the coming days.

Elsewhere in Thailand, Maejo University is preparing to join the global marijuana market by testing different strains and levels of THC and CBD, the psychoactive and medicinal elements of marijuana. He recently witnessed the handing over of 400 kilograms of the plant to the Khon Kaen University pharmaceutical facility for processing and processing into medicine in a project that began in 2019.

The value of the 400 tons of marijuana is 16 million baht, or 40,000 baht per kilogram. A spokesperson for Maejo University said Thai marijuana is some of the best in the world, but as other countries have legalized the plant, Thailand needs to catch up on the market.

The university is also developing many strains of marijuana that contain a lower amount of THC as well as hemp in the hopes of being able to develop more medical products in the future. As of now, the rules and regulations are still being finalized, but those in the public who want to join the industry won’t have to wait any longer.

THE SOURCE: Chiang Rai timetable

NOTE: The Thaiger does not condone or encourage the consumption or consumption of marijuana under any circumstances, except under medical supervision.

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