Best Restaurant Service 2020 | Stone Soup Cottage | Food drink

When you think about the impact COVID-19 has had on the restaurant industry, no part of the business seems more negatively impacted than food. In these delivery and sidewalk times where interactions with restaurants have become almost entirely transactional, the pomp and circumstance of dining on a white tablecloth with adorable waiters seems like a part of another era. How to provide hospitality under such difficult circumstances is a question the best in the business are fighting with their heads against the wall to answer. However, if there is one model for making things as stylish as possible, it is Stone Soup Cottage’s Cottage to Carriage delivery service. Leave Carl and Nancy McConnell, the duo behind the area’s best restaurant, period for figuring out how to give diners the most worthy take-out experience possible. Not only do they prepare a meal befitting fine china, but they provide china. And wine glasses. And cloth napkins rolled up in golden napkin rings. And a votive candle. With the Cottage to Carriage experience, you get the Stone Soup Cottage experience delivered to your door, then picked up the next day as room service. It’s as special as it sounds in these trying times. – Cheryl Baehr

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