Aggressive and mean customers abuse restaurant staff, leaving them to ‘cry in the pan wash’

After the ‘support the locals’ incentive propelled area businesses after the lockdown, the owner of Humber Fish Co. believes people have now ‘gone the other way’

James said being in the hotel business right now is not easy; restaurants face supply and staffing issues

A restaurant owner claims his staff have been left in tears by abusive and mean customers exhibiting “the worst behavior” they have ever seen.

James Stockdale, the owner and chef of the famous Hull Humber Fish Co. restaurant, said he and his staff noticed a significant change in customer behavior after the lockdown.

James said the restaurant was always full of diners – which he was grateful for – but said customers have more requests and reviews than ever before.

After the ‘support the local’ incentive propelled businesses in the area after the lockdown, the owner believes “people have now moved the other way and no longer support business owners.”

He told Hull Live: “I have been in the industry for over 30 years and this is the worst it has ever been.

“Obviously you get a pissed off customer, but now people are getting mean.

Popular Hull Restaurant Humber Fish Co.

“I appreciate that we’ve all had rough times during the lockdown and the times of Covid, and we’re still going through rough times. But, it seems to me after people come out to be locked inside , they got worse. Everyone is aggy. “

The restaurant has known customers calling staff “liars” when told there are no tables available, and staff members have even been “reduced to tears”.

James said: “Someone came over last Friday and after telling them we were full he said ‘you don’t look like you are full’.

“Why wouldn’t I want to be full? No one would want to do that. What reason would I have to lie?

“We have a number of young waitresses working here and they are fed up with the abuse. A waitress was crying in the pot washing the other day.”

The owner added that being in the hotel business right now is not easy; restaurants face supply and staffing issues.

Humber Fish Co’s James Stockdale Shows Off A Monster Halibut Fish


Shell Live WS)

Humber Fish and Co. invests £ 150 per week in a job board to advertise positions but is struggling, like many other businesses, to hire new staff.

James said: “People also come in and get mad for the lack of supplies. I know there is no hotel business that is not in trouble, and the public is not aware of it.

“The wineries are screwed, so if we don’t have Sauvignon Blanc there’s not much I can do about it.”

“People’s attitudes have changed since the days of ‘local support.’ I would like everyone to come together and support each other.

“I think of the people who have been through a lot but don’t take the liberty of us. Luckily we are always very busy and I want to make it clear that most of our customers are so lovely.

“Unfortunately, the increase in the number of people who are not nice is killing the romance of going out for a meal.”

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