A restaurant menu app that might just change the way you order food

The product, launched by Idea Chakki, a company backed by Ratan Tata, claims to be the world’s first luxury catering app that makes the menu dynamic. The company aims to expand internationally and will soon open an office in Paris. The plan is to have 30 customers for the subscription-based app by the end of the year.

Idea Chakki’s founders (left to right) Gunjan Mehrish, Noopur Tiwari and Monica Narula.

IMAGINE A tool that will help you navigate the most complex
menus and give you a simple picture of what to expect from your dish. It is
what is the first offer of Idea Chakki, a startup launched by three
NDTV veterans and backed by Ratan Tata, who provided them with seed funding, are doing well.

We need to investigate their first offering, called Dash,
which is an ipad menu system unlike any other in the world. “We wanted
do something that no one else in the world does and that is precisely what
we managed to do it with Dash, ”Gunjan Mehrish told me. Him, with Monica
Narula and Noopur Tiwari, who have all spent over two decades at NDTV. The
the company’s memo states that Dash, “is the world’s first luxury restaurant
catering application that makes the menu dynamic ”.

The interactive product that loads on restaurant screens
allows customers to make choices based on their dietary preferences and even
has short videos explaining everything from dish preparation to little notes
ranging from the pronunciation to the origin of the dish. The company claims that the app “gives
a quick visual overview of dishes on restaurant menus in 10-15 seconds
“Fideos” (cooking videos).
sorts the menu in an innovative way and gathers valuable data on the diners ”.

The first thing we found interesting about the app was
the fact that it would take a lot of guesswork about communication between
guest and kitchen. The fact that there are a lot of visual guides means that
even those who are not comfortable with the language could use it easily.

The product, Mehrish told us, is offered on a subscription basis.
base, from Rs 10,000 and going up to Rs 25,000 with more and more
complex specs the higher you climb. The company has a payment plan and is pulling
all dishes from the menu, as cooked by the restaurant, for the application, which means
it is totally personalized for each client. The execution period from the signing of the
the dotted line to get the application is 3 to 4 weeks.

As of now, their clients include Tian at ITC Maurya, Artusi
at GK 2, New Delhi and they plan to get 30 clients across the world by
the end of the year.

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