5 simple tips to keep your restaurant staff motivated

Your teammate is sick on a busy Friday night, every customer orders the fish option, or there’s a huge van parked in the customer parking spots.

It is impossible to predict everything that can go wrong in our industry.

And sometimes this constant battle can be demotivating and demoralizing.

To tail, we help hotel companies to train their staff. So we know a bit about how to make your staff happy and make sure they’re focused on your customers.

Here are some of our favorite tips for staff motivation.

Motivation starts at the beginning

First impressions count in a workplace.

This means that the first day for a member of staff should not be an intense test of serving hundreds of hot dishes at once to the customer. It must be organized. It shows your staff that you care, that you follow the process, and that you are a good company to work for.

You can create onboarding checklists, create business manuals, give fun facts about your restaurant, or use Software to assign anything that needs to be signed and done on their first days on the job.

You’d be surprised how quickly and easily you can create an organized onboarding process and make your first impressions matter to the people your business needs to rely on.

Work is less important than life

We can get so caught up in our customers’ priorities that we forget about our own problems.

And while the customer is always right, at the end of the day, you have to remember that this is one meal out of thousands that they’re going to eat.

A good way to remind staff of this is to inject some fun into their shifts.

Host after-work drinks, encourage staff to vote on menu options, and pin stage challenges with rewards. All of this can help everyone feel more relaxed and confident when serving your customers.

New Skills

No one wants to hear orders eight hours a day, five days a week: no matter how fantastic the salary. We want goals, space to improve our skills and feel like part of a team. You may think it’s impossible to provide these luxuries to everyone in your workplace. It’s not, you just have to get creative.

You can assign training and develop learning plans, make room for your team to focus on learning something work-related, or include them in decisions that may impact their workplace.

Career development is difficult in our industry, but nonetheless, all it takes is spending some time discussing personal goals and offering training solutions can help motivate your company’s most important staff.

Flexible hours

When your staff is on sick leave and you have employees with varying levels of experience, shifts can feel rigid. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get creative. Having a slightly less efficient day twice a month is much better than making an employee unhappy by always refusing to move their shifts.

You can also get creative with working hours by training your team in a wide range of skills, such as social media, Excel, and accounts. This means they can be rotated at different times while helping your business.

Sometimes you just have to accept it

You now get robots that can serve food. We don’t like that. Going out is all about interactions, conversations and smiles.

With the joys of people, we must also remember their human. Life happens. If they aren’t motivated for a few days, that’s fine. Being frustrated with their lack of motivation can create pressure and alienate them from your team. Accept people and be understanding and you’ll get the most out of your team.

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