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Swedish consumers have for several years bought on installment and used many different credit options. Since the Internet’s arrival, the range of different credit options has only increased. It also means that there are many Swedes who are part of so-called “small debts”. Many people bought furniture, electronics and other consumer goods on installment. It can often be really expensive loans that one may not fully realize how expensive they really are.

Collective loans are consumer loans

Collective loans are consumer loans

When you as a consumer are going out on the Swedish loan market today, there is a sea of ​​different loans. Quick loans, micro loans, SMS loans and mini loans are just one d

Collateral loans are the loans that collect all your small debts

electricity of the loan types that have crept into the Swedish glossary. But this is not one of the above loans that we are looking for, but a consumer loan. A consumer loan is a loan that usually extends between 24 and 180 months. You can see the loan table of the best consumer loans here.

Collect loans despite many requests

Collect loans despite many requests

Collect loans despite many requests through White Rabbit. We list loan intermediaries where you can collect loans despite many requests before. We help you find a lender where you can collect loans despite many requests and bring down your interest rate.

You get more money over to another and you only have to pay on one loan instead of several. Collect loans despite many credits and get more money over to more fun things. You get less and think if you choose to collect loans despite many requests. Collect loans despite many requests so you don’t have to pay more than what you really need.

Restart Lending

A restart loan is sometimes called it. You may have been sloppy and taken many microcredit. Then it may be time for a reboot. Take control of your finances again. By collecting your loans you can instead of paying to a lot of different lenders, but associated notification fees, maybe pay to a lender. Less money for expenses and a simpler overview of your loans.

Collect loans

Collect loans to bring down your costs. Bring any credit cards and installments and let a bank redeem your loans and put up the loans on a longer maturity with a cheaper interest rate. Collect loans now and regain control of your finances. Redeem your small micro-loans and quick loans into a more favorable, unsecured private loan.

Loans despite many credit requests

Loans despite many credit requests from UC. GoodCash does not care about how much credit information it has taken from UC. They also grant loans with up to 9 payment notes. Try submitting a loan application to GoodCash if you have many requests. You can read more about what a credit report is here.

How much can I save through a mortgage loan?

The more you owe, the more you can usually save by obtaining a mortgage loan. If you have many small fast loans or SMS loans and some consumer goods on installment, you can save a lot of money by making a collateral loan. The small loans are usually very expensive and the interest rates can be several hundred percent, which is why you can benefit greatly from a mortgage loan if you have the above-mentioned loans in the household. A consumer loan currently stands at between 5 and 12%. However, goods on installments often cost between 25 and 35%.

Which mortgage loan is the cheapest?

It depends on your circumstances and it is therefore important that you consider your options before signing a loan document. If you are a homeowner, you often have greater opportunities than those living in rental housing. As a homeowner, you often have the added value of your home. This means that it may be a good idea to exchange your home loan if you have a large “small debt”.

Note, however, that it is not always worthwhile to change your home loan because there are also costs associated with home loans. It is often associated with a general home loan swap that differs from the small loans and thus can often save money. You can often get a larger disposable income when you exchange your loans and can also split several years of total debt.

Best collateral loan

The online lender offering the best collateral loan on the Swedish market right now is probably Smart Lender. They offer an interest rate of 3.25%. You can read more about Smart Lender here and see what loan offers they offer. Another benefit of Smart Lender is that they often offer better terms than traditional banks do, and you can borrow up to USD 500,000. They do not require you to provide any security for the loan and do not need to know what to spend money on.

Benefits of collateral loans

  • Mortgages are cheaper than small debts
  • You only pay to one creditor
  • Larger overview
  • Greater freedom
  • Economic space
  • Signature with BankID